Free Range/Organic Turkeys are Here!

Thanksgiving will be here sooner than you think! Don’t wait till the last minute to get your turkey. This year Rainbow Foods is again selling both organic and free range turkeys from Shelton Farms.

Year after year, our customers tell us how good our Shelton’s turkeys taste. That good taste comes from the fact that these turkeys are raised under better conditions, fed better quality food, and processed more carefully than your run of the mill commercial bird. Sheltons raises turkey and other poultry in a free range environment on a specially developed drug free diet. Shelton’s also processes their turkeys by hand. It’s a little more expensive than mechanical evisceration, but the result is a cleaner bird.

We are scheduled to receive twice weekly shipments through Thanksgiving. However, for the best selection of sizes, we recommend that you buy early, because our distributor often runs out of some sizes as Thanksgiving approaches.