Sauerkraut’s Benefits Still Resonate Today

Last time I wrote about the pioneering work of Weston Price, DDS. Back in the 1930’s Doctor Price conducted extensively documented studies of traditional peoples on 6 continents and found that those still eating their indigenous diets enjoyed robust good health and remarkable immunity from tooth decay. He documented his findings in a landmark book: […]

September is Organic Harvest Month

Organic agriculture has come a long way in the last 10 or 15 years. Organic foods of one kind or another can be found in most stores, and there is widespread recognition of the value of growing food sustainably. It is easy to list the reasons to choose organic foods. The tons of pesticides and […]

Nasturtiums Taste as Good as They Look

I recently returned to the store after a short vacation and was greeted by a cascade of nasturtiums overflowing their window boxes and spilling merrily down the side of the building. It was a cheering sight, made all the more so by my knowledge that these colorful blossoms are as tasty as they are beautiful. […]

You Say Tomato

One of the drawbacks of living in Alaska is that you can’t grow tomatoes. Where I grew up in Virginia nearly everyone had at least a couple tomato plants growing in their yard. The sight, taste, and smell of ripening tomatoes was as sure a sign as any that summer had come into its fullness. […]

A Peach by Any Other Name is…a Nectarine

When is a peach not a peach? When it is a nectarine. While the similarities between peaches and nectarines are obvious, few people realize that they actually belong to the same species. In fact, the flower and leaf of peach and nectarine trees are indistinguishable, and it is not uncommon for the branch of a […]