We are so lucky to be able to carry chanterelle’s harvested from southeast Alaska.  Our recent delivery came from Hoonah and are sure to sell out quickly.  These mushroom make a great addition to any winter stew or as a star in risotto.

Fall Varietal Squash Have Arrived

We just received our fall squash.  We have butternut, spaghetti, kabocha, kiri, acorn, carnival, delicata and pumpkin all ready for your favorite stormy weather recipes. My favorite is substituting squash for potatoes in shepherds pie.   Add a little chili and you will be the hit at your next potluck.

We Are Hiring!!!!

Rainbow Foods is hiring for full time cashiers.  The positions includes weekday and weekend hours.  If you interested in joining our fabulous company swing by the store with a resume or fill out an application. We are looking for morning and evening shifts. You can always email your information to *protected email*

Sweet and Delicious Cherry Tomatoes

The cherry tomato season will be ending soon.  We still have plenty in stock, and they taste sweet and delicious. We currently have a number of varieties at the store and they taste great as a stand alone snack or in any number of recipes. We will continue to stock cherry tomatoes over the winter, […]

Basil and Garlic Grown in SE AK

Southeast Alaskan garlic and basil are available now at the store. We will be having locally grown basil from Root Seller Farms delivered to the store weekly, and currently have Garlic from Farragut Farms in Petersburg. Perfect for making pesto or a fresh tomato salad.