Creminelli Snack Trays

We just stocked our cheese cooler with some great grab and go cheese and meat trays. These trays feature a fine selection of specialty meats and cheeses and look delicious. They are perfect for school lunches, a quick work snack or paired with any of our other fine cheeses.

Know Thy Cheese

How well do you know the food that is on your plate? Do you know anything about the farm it was grown on? Where it was located? What the climate was like? Was it a large or small farm? And what about how it was processed after it left the farm? These are important questions, […]

Fava Beans are Worth the Effort

For certain vegetables, their preparation is a social activity. Or at least it used to be. Shelling peas or shucking corn used to be done communally by family members or friends sitting on the porch or around the kitchen table. Sure it takes time, and opening a package of frozen corn or peas is more […]

Specialty Cheeses Add Holiday Flair

The holiday season is looming, an auspicious time to discuss specialty cheeses. A fine artisanal cheese is a welcome addition to any holiday gathering. The only problem is, there are so many fantastic cheeses to tell you about, and so little space! The following are some of our current favorites at Rainbow Foods. They represent […]