An Ounce of Prevention for Cold & Flu Season

As the days grow shorter and the air takes on a chill, we see more people in the store suffering from colds, flu, and what many people refer to as the “Juneau crud.” Now is the time when a little extra attention to prevention can pay big dividends by keeping you and your family healthy when others around you are falling like flies.

Obviously, it helps to eat a variety of wholesome foods, and to get adequate rest and regular exercise. In addition, intelligent nutritional supplementation can give a big assist to your immune system. For starters, a basic multi-vitamin with adequate doses of vitamins A and C is a good foundation. One smart strategy is to take specific supplements designed for immune support. Two new immune enhancing products we are especially excited about are a silver supplement called Silver Biotics and a medicinal mushroom formula called Host Defense.

Silver is a safe anti-microbial agent which has been used for thousands of years to combat disease-causing pathogens. In the old days, farmers would use a silver-lined milk pail because the milk would keep fresh longer due to silver’s germ killing properties.. Silver also has immune enhancing properties. Laboratory tests conducted at major universities have demonstrated that Silver Biotics is far more effective than other silver products on the market. It is non-toxic, and can be used either every day or just during times when you are feeling run down.

Host Defense is a combination of 16 medicinal mushrooms specifically cultured and harvested to maximize their nutritional benefits. It has been shown to increase human Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity up to 300%. The immune enhancing power of Host Defense is due to the unsurpassed quality of the mushrooms used and the proprietary combination of species designed to work together synergistically. Mushrooms have gotten a lot of attention lately for their immune boosting power and Host Defense is the best mushroom formula we have seen.

Either of these products taken regularly will support an enhanced ability to resist pathogens in the environment and help keep you healthy during cold and flu season.