September is Organic Harvest Month

Organic agriculture has come a long way in the last 10 or 15 years. Organic foods of one kind or another can be found in most stores, and there is widespread recognition of the value of growing food sustainably.

It is easy to list the reasons to choose organic foods. The tons of pesticides and chemical fertilizers avoided, the improved soil health, the reduced risk of chemical exposure both to those who work on our farms and all of us who eat the food grown there.

Yet maybe the strongest reason is that organically grown food is just better. It has superior nutritional content. It often keeps better. And it tastes better.

Among the leading proponents of organic foods are celebrated chefs including Nora Poullion, Alice Waters, and Alan Harding. These people know food. And they are passionate advocates of organically grown food.

September has been designated National Organic Harvest Month. It is a time both to celebrate the organic harvest, and to extol the virtues of organic agriculture.

At Rainbow Foods, we will be highlighting organic during the last weekend of the month. On Thursday, September 24, we will have our annual organic harvest dinner. Our weekly dinner takes on a seasonal theme and features the freshest organic ingredients we can find.

On Friday, September 25 we feature organic apples. We will explore organic apples in a variety of guises, sampling fresh apples, apple juice, apple sauce, and apple butter on fresh baked bread.

On Saturday, September 26, we turn our attention to organic chocolate. Is is the food of the gods, or the food of the devil? You can decide for yourself as we’ll be sampling organic chocolate all day.

On Sunday, September 27 it is organic dairy day. We’ll be sampling some fine organic cheeses, yogurt and possible the best butter you have ever tried.

You are invited to join us on any or all of these days as we celebrate the organic harvest at Rainbow Foods.