Sunnyside Farms Produce

We are pleased to announce the arrival of produce grown in Haines at Sunnyside Farms. A  family-run business, currently manages 2.5 acres of the historic Charlie Anway farm in Haines. They currently grow June-bearing strawberries, two types of potatoes, carrots, and other seasonal crops. Their goal is to be a significant food producer of wholesome food for this community and others. From the farmer, “We believe that people of all ages benefit from agricultural agility and acumen. When we better understand this world, we better understand its maker. We also have a vision to encourage and help others develop sustainable areas for growing food for people.” We at Rainbow Foods share this vision.

Farming Practices:

Certified Alaska-grown potato seed.
Organic fertilizer only
Manual cultivation – no chemicals used on the field – no herbicides.
Plastic mulch used to limit weeding needs for strawberries and protect from frost.
All practices guided by exceptionalism, kindness, maturity, and excellence.