Fluoride Back in the News

A major National Academy of Science (NAS) study was released last week and it sounded new warnings on fluoride. The report concluded that current EPA standard of 4 parts per million in drinking water is too high, and increases risks of severe dental fluorosis and bone fractures. It also discussed other health effects, including IQ […]

How Organic is that Milk?

Are some organic dairy products “more organic” than others? That is a question a lot of consumers have been asking since recent news accounts about so called “organic” dairies whose cows rarely make it out of the barn. While most of us have an image of organic milk coming from cows on small family farms […]

Eggs Wrongly Convicted

When I think of Easter, I think of eggs. This age-old symbol of regeneration has been associated with the Easter holiday for hundreds of years. However, when many people think about eggs they think “eek… cholesterol.” This food, so deeply associated with life, is avoided like the plague by people worried about their health. The […]

Artichokes: the Slow Food

While winter has only just begun to loosen it’s icy grip here in Juneau, a visit to the produce section of any local grocery store will provide you with harbingers of Spring. One sure sign of Spring is the appearance of artichokes in the produce case. I remember my first encounter with this improbable looking […]

Asparagus: Prehistoric Vegetable

I once heard an “ugly American” story told by a friend who visited France. When ordering dinner at a restaurant, one of his party asked the waiter why there was no asparagus on the menu. The waiter replied, “asparagus is not in season.” To which his American friend fumed “haven’t you people ever heard of […]