Pomegranates: The Next New Thing

People are always looking for “the next new thing.” When it comes to food, “the next new thing” is often something very old that has been rediscovered. Consider the pomegranate. This ancient fruit has recently become a culinary media darling. Not only the fruit itself, but pomegranate juices, teas and concentrates have taken the market […]

Pears: The Forgotten Fruit

A few weeks ago I wrote about apples and the excitement attending the arrival of the new crop. With all the hoopla about apples, it is easy to overlook other fall fruits. One victim of this neglect is the pear. Few fruits are as underappreciated, being forced to share the spotlight with such a glamorous […]

Cauliflower: a Good White Food

In natural food circles, there is a general aversion to foods that are white. White sugar, white flour, and milk are all on various “foods to avoid” lists. I read recently about a man who lost 41 pounds in two months on the latest diet, known as “the White Foods diet.” This diet is simple. […]

Fresh Cherries better than Cough Drops

I was familiar with the flavor of cherries long before I ever ate one. Whenever I had a cold as a young child, I asked for the cherry flavored cough drops, which I vastly preferred to the licorice flavored ones. Many years later when I finally got to try fresh cherries, I was pleased to […]

Asparagus: Prehistoric Vegetable

I once heard an “ugly American” story told by a friend who visited France. When ordering dinner at a restaurant, one of his party asked the waiter why there was no asparagus on the menu. The waiter replied, “asparagus is not in season.” To which his American friend fumed “haven’t you people ever heard of […]